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    Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht


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    Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht

    Probeerde net aan een Amerikaan uit te leggen wat Sinterklaas inhoudt...Damn.We just had 'Sinterklaas' tonight... Which is basically the same as 'Santa Claus', only ours is dressed differently, doesn't do reindeer and comes from Spain (although he is white - never really figured that one out). He arrives sometime in November on a steamboat with a bunch of 'zwarte pieten' (black Pete's). Not black from slavery, but from climbing down the chimney or something. Anyhow... He rides this horse... And once Sinterklaas has arrived to Holland him and his Pete's visit all the houses at night, when the children are asleep. You leave a shoe in the living room, and you put a carrot in it for his horse, and a little note for Sinterklaas or his Pete's, and then you get a little present (letters made out of chocolate, or candy or a small toy - even chocolate coins and chocolate cigarettes).On December 5th is Sinterklaas evening... Which is when all the kids get presents from Sinterklaas. His actual birthday is on December 6th though - never really figured that one out either.Not that we don't do Christmas. Our Christmas person simply isn't called Santa Claus - he's called the Christmas man (Kerstman, in Dutch). We're not that familiar with all the reindeer (except Rudolph, because of the song) and we don't do the elves, either. Christmas isn't really about Santa Claus to us, but more about... You know... Spending time with your family, fighting over dinner, you know, the usual.When you're about 8 you find out that basically you've been lied to all your life; Sinterklaas doesn't exist. Fortunately, I decided to tell my brother first, about my doubts of his existence. He told me I was on to something, but that I shouldn't tell my parents because then we'd get a lot less presents. This worked for another year.When you're a grown-up, you don't get a lot of presents from your parents (sinterklaas) anymore, but everyone buys each other a present and then builds something to hide that present in. We call those things a 'surprise' - pronounced in the French way - never figured that one out EITHER. This can be ANYTHING. I once received a book and the present was inside the book. A friend of mine was a little less lucky; his present was cemented into a big Sinterklaas head. LOL. Took him a good while to get to his present! :) That's a bit of Dutch cultural studies for ya.

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