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    Sprk en de fijne ingezonden brief


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    Sprk en de fijne ingezonden brief

    George Michael is koel. En Elton John is dat niet. Na een paar maanden geleden Madonna afgezeken te hebben, is nu een andere artiest aan de beurt die al sinds begin jaren '80 'meedraait' in de muziekindustrie.

    Elton John in een interview met Heat: "George is in a strange place. I thought Patience was good, but considering it's been so long in the making it was a bit disappointing. He's one of the most talented people I've ever met and certainly one of the best singers I've ever heard. And I love him as a friend, so I have to be careful what I say. So all I would say to George is: you should get out more.

    It upsets me because he won't perform live, for example. He's quite happy just being at home all the time and I think that's a waste of talent. But it's his life, not mine. There seems to be a deep-rooted unhappiness in his life and it shows on the album."

    Er volgde al snel een telefoontje; George Michael ging een brief schrijven.

    ,,Dear heat

    Much as I am saddened to have to write this letter in full view of the general public, I feel I have no choice but to defend myself (and my partner Kenny, in a way) from some of the comments that Elton John made in heat magazine a couple of weeks ago.

    Let me start by saying that I will always be grateful to Elton for the inspiration that he gave me as a child, and that will never change. Those songs are still dear to me 30 years on. But having said that, in order that my fans do not take Elton's "observations" about my life too seriously, or worry about the "strange place" I'm in these days, I think that it's time to set the record straight about my friendship with Sir Elton John, and how he may have come to such negative conclusions about my life.

    Elton John knows very little about George Michael, and that's a fact. Contrary to the public's impression, we have spoken rarely in the last ten years, and what would probably surprise people is that we have never discussed my private life. Ever. Those really close to me, straight or gay, would tell you that I am not secretive at all in terms of my sexuality, in fact the phrase "too much information" comes to mind occasionally, but with Elton it was never like that. Sadly, I was always aware that Elton's circle of friends was the busiest rumour mill in town, and that respect for my pivacy was not exactly guaranteed.

    So, we never became genuinely close, which is very sad. And to this day, most of what Elton thinks he knows about my life is pretty much limited to the gossip he hears on what you would call the "gay grapevine", which, as you can imagine, is lovely stuff indeed. Other than that, he knows that I don't like to tour, that I smoke too much pot, and that my albums still have a habit of going to Number One.

    In other words, he knows as much as most of my fans do.

    What he doesn't know is that I have rarely been as happy and confident as I am today, thanks to my partner Kenny and the continued support of my fans. If I stay at home too much, if anything it is because I am too contented right now. I have travelled the world many times and, at 41, I think I have earned the right to a quiet life, which I truly love, and maybe Elton just can't relate to that. After all, he tours incessantly, he is a great artist and loves to play live. We are totally different in that sense. He makes millions playing those old classics day in and day out, whereas my drive and passion is still about the future, and the songs I have yet to write for the public.

    And much as I am saddened that he would feel the need to criticise my album (which is, of course, in my humble opinion, a classic!), I am far more surprised that Elton seems to have forgotten me calling him a few months back to tell him that my American royalties from Patience would be donated entirely to the Elton John Aids Foundation.

    Yours sincerely,

    George Michael"

    George Michael is koel. En Elton John is dat niet.

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