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    Sprk en This Woman's Work


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    Sprk en This Woman's Work

    In afwachting van mijn Kate bush boxset heb ik nog even opgezocht waarom ik ook alweer in eerste instantie nummers van haar ben gaan downloaden.

    Haar chanson This Woman's Work zat in een aflevering van Felicity, een TV-serie die ik op aandringen van een vriend ben gaan kijken. Ik vond het meteen een ontzettend mooi nummer, en ik besloot wat recensies van het bijbehorende album te lezen. Toen kwam ik op Amazon.com deze recensie van 24 januari 2001 tegen:

    I originally bought this CD in 1992 right after seeing the movie "She's Having A Baby," with Kevin Bacon. "This Woman's Work" was featured in this movie, and I frantically searched for the artist and title of this song after seeing the movie. At the time, I, too, was pregnant with our first child. After I had our son, Aaron, in 1992, I remember laying him on the floor on a blanket and lying next to him, looking into his eyes, and holding his tiny fingers in mine while we listened to this haunting, bittersweet song. My eyes would fill with tears at the realization of the miracle that he truly was, and how truly blessed we were to have such a beautiful child. My son died from S.I.D.S. four months later. I now bring out this CD only when I want to relive those moments with my son --always on his birthday, his death anniversary, and sometimes simply on days when I really miss him. It's been eight years, now, and of course, the memories have faded with time. But whenever I want to feel close to my son, I turn on the song "This Woman's Work." This song is the only thing that enables me to relive those beautiful moments that I had with my child. "I know you have got a little life, in you yet. I know you've got a lot of strength, left... I should be crying, but I just can't let it show...Give me those moments, back. Give them back to me. Give me that little kiss. Give me your hand... All the things we should have done, that we never did..." The words are tremendously haunting, yet touch me so much within the depths of my soul. Although I can't listen to it daily (it's too hard, still...), I truly thank Ms. Bush for this "gift" of emotional perfection that she gives me, each time I hear it. I think this song will remain a part of me, forever.

    -An eternally grateful mother.


    Je kunt een stukje van This Woman's Work beluisteren door hier te klikken (courtesy of Amazon.com).

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